McLaren agree to release Montoya

Sat, 23 September 2006, 01:13

Juan Pablo Montoya will shortly begin testing and racing for his Nascar team, after a deal was reportedly struck between the Chip Ganassi and McLaren squads.

Journalist Bob Margolis, of ‘Yahoo! Sports’, said the Colombian, who left Ron Dennis’ formula one team earlier in 2006 but remained under contract until the last day of the year, could even test as soon as this week.

Margolis cited a Ganassi source as informing that an announcement of the Montoya-Ganassi-McLaren deal can be expected soon.

Montoya, 31, could then race at least four times this season before debuting in the premier Nextel Cup in 2007.

Dennis had said in July: ”If we so choose, Montoya will test and race for us again, so that is our option and nobody else’s.

”He is contracted to us and it will stay that way unless there is some commercial arrangement between ourselves and the Nascar team or Juan himself.”


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