Montoya’s future

Sun, 9 April 2006, 12:09

The rumors on the possible movements of drivers for the 2007 speak of Montoya driving for Red Bull, Renault or BMW.

Red Bull has close to 20 drivers on the payroll, so the logical replacement would come from Red Bull. Renault has the talented Kovalainen, a driver in whom Renault has invested several million dollars. He is also one of Flavio Briatore’s drivers, so he should be Alonso’s replacement.

The rumors could be coming from Montoya’s Manager, Julian Jacoby, who seems to be keen on generating interest in his driver.

The famed “Silly Season” seems to be starting sooner and sooner every year, so for now the best course of action would seem to be just to wait for any official announcements regarding Motoya’s future.

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