Q&A with Spyker F1 drivers

Thu, 4 October 2007, 01:22

It has been something of a roller-coaster ride for Adrian Sutil and the Spyker Ferrari team so far this year. The Japanese Grand Prix was no exception with a poor run in qualifying leading to a strong race where the rookie scored the team its first championship point. Sutil and team-mate Sakon Yamamoto talk ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix.

Adrian – You finally scored your first point – what does it mean for you?
“It was very important for our team. I have to say we deserved it. We already got a lot of motivation after Spa, and now we have been successful here and got our first point.”

What was the race like for you?
“The conditions were very special, so I think even to finish the race was a very successful result. This was the main thing, don’t make mistakes, go through to the end, and then we’ll see what’s going on. But we also had some times where we were very competitive.”

You seemed to be able to pass other drivers with relative ease.
“Yes, especially in the restarts. They were taking it so easy, and I passed at least four cars in braking for Turn One. I braked maybe 100 metres later than everybody, but I was fighting, and always the first three laps after the restart our set-up was very strong.”

Overall, did you enjoy being back in Japan after a year away?
“Yes, it was a nice weekend, and I really enjoyed driving here in Japan.

It’s always something special, the people are very nice, and the fans are very polite. The track is one of my favourites and very, very nice to drive. To get a point was also the best feeling. I now really want to get going in China and get some more!”

Sakon – In the Japanese Grand Prix you were 12th, your best-ever finish in Formula 1. How was the race for you?
“It was a very tough race for me as the conditions were very difficult in the wet and visibility was bad, but I was really pleased at the end to get the best finish of my career. It was a really amazing feeling. The reaction from the fans was very good too.”

You’ve now finished in four of the five races for Spyker, 80% of your starts: a good statistic. Do you feel more comfortable with the team and the car?
“Yes, I am very happy with the team and the new B-spec car. The team is very easy to work with and the new car is much improved over the A-spec. Every time we go to a new circuit we see an improvement and I can’t wait to drive the car again in China. Now we have got 12th place in the last race I want to do even better and get a higher finish in the last two races.”

This will be your second Chinese Grand Prix. What do you remember of the 2006 event?
“The race last year was the first time I had finished a race in F1. It was a busy race though as there was heavy rain that then dried so it was difficult to get the calls right. I had to stop several times to change tyres and one time we changed to dry tyres too early so I then had to stop again! It was a complicated race, but I liked the track. It’s completely different to other circuits, some corners are difficult to get right, but I do enjoy driving here.”

What will your aims be for this race?
“Again I want to have a good race. We had a good result in Japan, but now I want to be even stronger going into the last two events of the year in China and Brazil.”

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