2008 was best attended Hungarian GP

Tue, 12 August 2008, 01:36

The recent Hungarian grand prix was the best attended in the race’s 22-year history at the Hungaroring, according to government spokesman David Daroczi.

In 1986, Bernie Ecclestone’s coup of taking his sport behind the iron curtain was rewarded memorably with a huge crowd in excess of 200,000.

Since then, attendance has always been high at the circuit near Budapest, also because it has been adopted as a semi-‘home’ race by fans from Finland, who use a similar language.

The even bigger audience in 2008 is explained by the influx of additional supporters from nearby Poland, whose interest in formula one has been spurred by the success of Robert Kubica.

Daroczi said the 2008 crowd was “10 to 15 per cent bigger” than last year.

At the Hungarian grand prix, Ecclestone and the Hungarian sport minister signed a new contract, guaranteeing the race at the Hungaroring until 2016.

Subsequent local reports said the cost of the new deal for the race promoters is $17.25m per year.

Daroczi said the race brings in at least $16m in revenue to the state.

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