2011 ‘proximity’ wing design is safe – Brawn

Sun, 27 June 2010, 12:01

Jun.27 (GMM) The ‘proximity wing’ for 2011 has been designed with safety in mind, FOTA technical chairman Ross Brawn insists.

Drivers next year will be allowed to press a button on the steering wheel that spoils downforce in the rear wing and thus boosts the possibility for overtaking.

But driver veteran Jarno Trulli this weekend expressed fears that tinkering with the rear wings is a dangerous move.

Mercedes team boss Brawn, however, insists that the adjustable wing design includes a failsafe.

“The teams have worked on this a lot,” he said in Valencia.

“Should the system fail and is no longer adjustable, the wing will be in its normal position, so there will be no downforce lost,” added Brawn.

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