2019 is ‘last chance’ for Kvyat – Marko

Mon, 4 March 2019, 08:53

Mar.4 (GMM) Dr Helmut Marko says he is very happy with Red Bull’s full F1 driver lineup for 2019.

Daniel Ricciardo has left for Renault, but still Marko is smiling after what he describes as the “best winter for us in the hybrid era”.

Max Verstappen is now the clear number 1.

“At the age of 21, Max in his fifth year is already leader in one of the most competitive teams,” Marko, who heads the Red Bull driver programme, told Speed Week.

And he said the other three Red Bull drivers are also living up to his expectations.

“Pierre Gasly will collect points in the first half of the season and challenge Max in the second,” said Marko.

As for Toro Rosso, Marko said bringing Daniil Kvyat back onto the F1 grid was the right decision.

“He has gained experience and knows that this is his last chance,” he said.

“He has so far met expectations, as has Alex Albon, who has surprised us all,” Marko added. “He only needed a short time to get up to speed and shows a courageous driving style.”

So having finally split with Renault, Marko says Red Bull Racing wants to “win by our own power” in 2019, including “at least five victories”.

As for F1 more generally, Marko said Red Bull is happy with Liberty Media’s media management and marketing.

“Where we are not satisfied is in the technical regulations. Nothing is moving, because Liberty acts too slowly,” he said.

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