2021 rules turning F1 into ‘GP1’ – Newey

Mon, 24 February 2020, 08:35

Feb.24 (GMM) Adrian Newey says the 2021 regulations risk turning Formula 1 into a sort of “GP1”.

The Red Bull technical boss, who is one of the sport’s most famous designers in history, told the British source Inews that he usually “looks forward” to regulation changes.

“What was very nice about the last major change back in 2009 was that it wasn’t more restrictive,” he said. “But these new ones for 2021 are very restrictive and prescriptive. And I think that is an awful shame.

“It makes it a little bit GP1 which is not what I think Formula 1 should be,” added Newey, whose ‘GP1’ reference refers to the former name for the one-make series now called Formula 2.

“It’s been pushed through regardless of what people think, so whether it’s good for the sport or not, only time will tell,” he said.

However, not everyone thinks restricting design freedoms is bad for Formula 1.

“In limiting the freedom of engineers, we will see how the gaps in the field will decrease. This is extremely important for the small teams,” 2016 world champion Nico Rosberg told Auto Hebdo.

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