A close call

Sun, 19 November 2006, 10:27

It seems the DailyF1News readers are at odds when it comes to choosing between experience and youthful talent. In our last poll – a question of whether it should be veteran De La Rosa or rookie Hamilton that should have the second McLaren race seat next year, Hamilton edged it – but by the slimmest of margins. The final vote came to 51.1 vs 48.9%.

Many would obviously feel that the once exciting De La Rosa deserves one last chance, while Hamilton still has years ahead of him. There is also the fact that very few teams have ever put a rookie in a potentially championship-winning car, and even fewer of those next to a current double world champion. Others, of course, think to hell with it, they want to see new talent!

There is much debate, meanwhile, over whether Ferrari will continue to be a success now that Michael Schumacher and Ross Brawn are no more – not to mention the fact that their star-designer, South African Rory Byrne, has taken a back seat for the past two years and, yes, that’s for how long they have not won a championship. Has Ferrari built enough of a winning culture and put in place enough structure to ensure their ongoing success? Or are they faced with another twenty one years of championship-drought?

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