A ‘Fuji special’ for Toyota, or not?

Thu, 9 October 2008, 05:56

Oct.8 (GMM) Toyota has prepared a special “Fuji package” in a bid to win its home Japanese grand prix this weekend, team boss Tadashi Yamashina said at a pre-race media event
“We have made preparations with different test runs and different things attached to our machines. Now we can do a Fuji special right on the spot,” he said
Technical chassis chief Pascal Vasselon admitted that Toyota has this year been working on a “Fuji package”
“We call it our Fuji package but in fact some bits are already on the car and the most recent item can be used at all the last three grands prix of the season,” he said
In a communique to the specialist media, Vasselon further played down suggestions that the Cologne built 2008 car has been specifically upgraded, despite the fact that Toyota’s home race is “massively important” to the marque
“We are always asked if we prepare specially for Fuji Speedway but, if we did, I guess you could say we were neglecting the other races, which is not the case,” he insisted
“And as far as other developments go, it would make no sense for us to delay the introduction of new parts until Fuji because that would mean compromising our package for other races,” Vasselon said

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