A1 Ratings Exceed Initial Expectations

Fri, 25 November 2005, 02:34

A1 Grand Prix continues to make huge strides in attracting worldwide audiences in its inaugural season. After its first five races A1GP is reaching an average audience of more than 8 million viewers per race in more than 120 countries. Significantly, this average audience per race is an increase of 30 per cent on the 6 million who tuned in for the first race at Brands Hatch.

In a major breakthrough in the world’s largest television market, the USA, A1GP is in final negotiations with OLN in the USA. OLN is a CATV/SATV delivered sports channel reaching more than 65 million households. It is owned by Comcast, the country’s largest operator of CATV. OLN has recently signed a major carriage deal with the NHL, putting A1GP in prime position to benefit from the strong promotion and interest this new arrangement will generate.

In addition to the USA, recent deals have included broadcasting arrangements in the Ukraine, Uruguay and France. A1GP is also in final negotiations with a major sports broadcast outlet in Japan. Given these new agreements and the increased reach they will provide, A1GP is looking to a target of 10 million viewers per race by season’s end.

Some broadcast highlights are as follows:

CCTV China achieved an audience peak of 3.3 million viewers for the A1 Grand Prix of Nations, Eastern Creek, Australia.

Indonesia, via Global TV, is delivering nearly 1 million viewers per race with a strong upward trend due to the country’s interest in A1 Team Indonesia.

Fox Sports Australia increased their viewership by nearly 500 per cent for the Eastern Creek Race from the previous round in Estoril.

RTE 2 Eire achieved a 4.2 per cent market share for its initial airing of the A1GP highlights programme.

RTL 7 in the Netherlands continues to lead the way in Europe, achieving nearly 800,000 viewers per race with an even more impressive market share of 16 per cent.

SABC South Africa is also achieving impressive market share with nearly 10 per cent of all viewers tuning into A1GP.

In the UK, more than 1.5 million people have tuned in to Sky Sports, to watch at least 10 consecutive minutes of A1GP coverage.

Lets hope that the ratings continue to rise, and continues in making the inagural season of A1 Grand Prix a success.

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