A1 Team Switzerland twice on the second step of the podium today in Malaysia

Sun, 20 November 2005, 02:28

The A1 Grand Prix of Nations, Malaysia fanswelcomed two successive podiums forNeel Jani on occasion of the first race of the new A1 Grand Prix series at the Sepang Malaysian track. The weather which was wet during qualifying was dry today despite signs of rain in the last four laps of the feature race.

After a morning warm-up where Neel Jani finished in fifth position, A1 Team Switzerland finished successively the 15 lap long sprint race and the 30 lap long feature race on the podium in second place.

Neel Jani commented: “I am more than happy about my achievement today. I am disappointed that I did not win the sprint race as I think the car had the potential to do so. But Alexandre Prémat finally caught me in the last lap of the race. During the feature race, the potential and the speed were still there, but we lost some valuable time with our pitstop which was too long. Unfortunately we lost it there, during the pitstop as the wheel would not come off easily. After the problem in the pitstop I was forced to fight back. We were really quick. I overtook four cars from seven after my pitstop. Team “A1 Grand Prix series” Switzerland are now second in the Championship ahead of Brazil. But to me, to finish second is similar to “loosing” the race. Anyway, 65 points and second in the Championship is a good result. I am really happy to have scored some good points in the two races today!”

Max Welti, team ­principal, A1 Team Switzerland commented: “It was a good day for Neel Jani: A strong drive that saw him finish twice on the second step of the podium respectively in the sprint and in the feature race. Neel had two good starts and two good races considering the problem that the mechanics encountered when changing the wheel during the pitstop: He really deserves his points today.”

A1 Team Switzerland is one of 25 teams contesting the new A1 Grand Prix Series, the World Cup of Motorsport”. At the fifth race at “A1 Grand Prix of Nations, Sepang, Malaysia” the A1 Team Switzerland is now ranking second in the Championship with 65 points. Neel Jani will again be at the wheel of the “A1 Team Switzerland” in Dubai, Dec 9 -11, 2005

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A1 Team Switzerland

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