A1 Teams nominate drivers ahead for Portugal

Fri, 21 October 2005, 07:28

A1 Team have nominated the respective drivers for the start of the A1 Grand Prix of Nations, held at Estoril, Portugal today.

Team Japan, who finished tenth and ninth in the sprint and feature races last week, will not be taking part in races this weekend due to prior commitments.

A1 Team Driver 1 Driver 2
Australia Christian Jones Will Davidson
Austria Mathias Lauda
Brazil Nelson Piquet Jr Tuka Rocha
Canada Sean McIntosh
China Tengyi Jiang
Czech Republic Tomas Enge Jan Charouz
France Alexandre Premat Nicolas Lapierre
Germany Adrian Sutil
Great Britain Robbie Kerr Alex Lloyd
India Armaan Ebrahim
Indonesia Ananda Mikola
Ireland Ralph Firman Michael Devaney
Italy Enrico Toccacelo Matteo Cressoni
Lebanon Basil Shaaban Khalil Beschir
Malaysia Fairuz Fauzy
Mexico Salvador Duran
Netherlands Jos Verstappen Jeroen Bleekemolen
New Zealand Jonny Reid Matt Halliday
Pakistan Adam Khan
Portugal Alvaro Parente Joao Barbosa
Russia Alexander Truryumin Mikhail Aleshin
South Africa Stephen Simpson Tomas Scheckter
Switzerland Neel Jani
USA Scott Speed

Dane Norton

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