A1GP cars to be based on Ferrari F2007

Tue, 16 October 2007, 10:32

The cars of the next A1GP series will reportedly be based on the 2007 Ferrari that was this year raced in formula one by Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa.

It was announced last week that Ferrari will supply engines and design consultancy to the so-called World Cup of Motorsport for six years beginning next season.

A report of the news agency Reuters says the 2008-2009 A1 car is “expected to be based on this year’s F2007 formula one racer but built by another company”.

Series boss Tony Teixeira, who has been linked with the possible buyout of Ferrari powered F1 team Toro Rosso, suggests that the Ferrari deal is designed to bolster the series’ status.

“If Ferrari can deliver a 650-700 horse power car that is a few seconds off F1 pace, then you will want to drive for your country because you know you are driving the best equipment available,” he said.

“A1GP will be taken very seriously as a true global motor racing series.

“For A1, I think the credibility issue is totally resolved and put to rest. Ferrari would not do anything to jeopardise its brand,” Teixeira added.

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