Albers slams Aguri for Honda ‘copy’

Tue, 3 April 2007, 09:36

Spyker racer Christijan Albers has hit out at the Dutch team’s formula one rival Super Aguri.

As Spyker commences legal action against its Japanese quarry after proving the slowest competitor at the Australian season opener, the 27-year-old driver said Super Aguri’s approach to the 2007 season is “unfair”.

“Last year they were nowhere and suddenly (Takuma) Sato is tenth,” said Albers, referring to the Japanese driver’s sensational qualifying effort at Albert Park.

Spyker is also taking Toro Rosso to arbitration, arguing that the Italian team’s STR2 car is a copy of this year’s Red Bull.

Referring to Super Aguri, Albers wrote in the Dutch magazine Formule 1 Race Report: “Their improvement is not because they have designed a top car.

“Instead, they have taken a copy of last year’s Honda. And imagine all the development costs that they have saved.

“Of course it is not fair.”

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