Albers slams Doornbos

Thu, 20 October 2005, 01:18

For the first time since 1962 two Dutchman were active in Formula 1 this year. However both Dutchman, Robert Doornbos and Christijan Albers, aren’t the best friends and Albers is claiming that the atmosphere at Minardi declined when Robert Doornbos replaced Patrick Friesacher.

“Doornbos is being hyped by the Dutch press as if he’s a huge talent. But I keep beating him, so what does that make me? Superman?”, Christijan Albers told the Dutch press. “The most important part of driving for a team is improving the car and he hasn’t done that at all – actually he hasn’t made one improvement at Minardi since he joined us.”

“Formula 1 is all about improving the car. Not about telling everyone how much you enjoyed the GP weekend over and over again. Robert isn’t a bad driver, but he just doesn’t help the team to go forward.”

Peter Gloudemans

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