Albers tells Spyker to up its game

Mon, 4 December 2006, 08:45

Dutch racer Christijan Albers has urged the Spyker squad to up its game in pit stops.

In a column for the magazine Formule 1 Race Report, the 27-year-old singled out the service received in 2006 when stopping for fuel and tyres as an area of attention for the Silverstone based team.

“What we should do is go through the races of this year to look for areas for improvements,” Albers said, “for example the pit stops.

“That was on area I was dissatisfied with (in 2006).”

He also said Spyker, having raced for much of last season with Midland ownership and the name ‘MF1 Racing’, can improve its start systems after often falling behind slower cars before the first corner.

“They seem like small things but there is much time to be won,” Albers insisted.


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