Albon wants ‘more normal’ 2020

Wed, 18 December 2019, 07:35

Dec.18 (GMM) Alex Albon says he is looking forward to a “more normal” 2020 season.

The British-born Thai rookie had a rollercoaster ride in 2019.

He began as a dumped Red Bull junior with a Formula E contract, then got an unexpected call-up to Toro Rosso, and finally replaced Pierre Gasly at the senior team.

“This year, for my first year, it definitely wasn’t normal,” Albon smiled.

“I’m feeling that next year will be a bit more normal.”

Albon’s task in the second half of the season was particularly difficult, as at the wheel of an unfamiliar top car the 23-year-old suddenly had Max Verstappen as his teammate.

“What better way to learn and to prepare myself than to have a teammate who’s one of the fastest on the grid?” he said.

“He has had a lot of years within the team and knows how to extrapolate the best from it. For me, it’s still a learning process.

“But it’s a good thing and a goal to chase.”

Albon says his task for 2020 is to finally “mix it at the front”.

“The gap is shrinking and it’s looking positive for next year,” he said.

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