Alguersuari back in Europe after 50 hour voyage

Wed, 21 April 2010, 10:01

Apr.21 (GMM) It took them nearly 50 hours, but F1 drivers including Jaime Alguersuari and Mark Webber are now back home.

Toro Rosso’s Alguersuari, who travelled with Virgin test driver and countryman Andy Soucek, lost count of how many times they landed at airports to change plane and destination.

“We feel like we’ve been around the whole world,” the Spaniard told the EFE news agency. Mark Webber’s return to his UK home took him 44 hours.

The F1 cars could soon begin their journey back to Europe, with McLaren confirming they are “likely to be freighted to Bilbao within the next 24 hours”.

Many of the sport’s personnel are not so lucky. Williams’ PR Claire Williams, the daughter of Sir Frank Williams, has been told by British Airways in Hong Kong that there may be no flights until May 5.

“They have to be kidding,” she wrote on her Twitter.

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