Alonso backtracks on team criticism

Fri, 6 October 2006, 10:04

6 out of the 8 lines of quotations attributed to Fernando Alonso in the team’s official press release on Friday sought to calm the media storm after the Spaniard hit out at teammate Giancarlo Fisichella and Renault officials.

”I expressed very clearly that these were only my personal feelings,” read an excerpt from the Suzuka document, ”and that I completely understand and accept the team’s decisions.

”I don’t know what people see from the outside, but within the team, we have a fantastic atmosphere right now.”

Reporters in the FIA-organised press conference on Thursday had asked 25-year-old Alonso about his earlier comments in the Spanish press, in which he accused team members of sabotaging his quest for the 2006 drivers’ title.

On Thursday he likened the atmosphere at Renault to being broken down in a Tour de France.

”And your team and your rival have gone uphill with no stops,” he said.

”You know – maybe – in my opinion, in team play – maybe – I should have had more help.”


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