Alonso denies ‘mass damper’ worry for Brazil

Tue, 10 October 2006, 05:21

Fernando Alonso has played down suggestions that the loss of Renault’s ‘mass damper’ system could blight his race at Brazil’s bumpy Interlagos circuit this month.

The Spaniard only has to finish eighth to guarantee his second drivers’ title in the 2006 finale, but it should be noted that the banning of the mass damper was always expected to have the most notable effect on the calendar’s bumpiest tracks.

“I think it is now seven races that we haven’t used the mass damper,” Alonso insisted, “and we now try to set up the front suspension in a way that we don’t miss it any more.”

Alonso argued that, in theory, Suzuka also should not have been a good race for Renault, given the bumpiness of the kerbs in the last chicane and the first sector.

But he said: “The car just flew (in Japan), so we will have no problem in Brazil.”

Alonso will fly to Sao Paulo next Tuesday evening.


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