Alonso has ‘new’ old McLaren at Monza

Fri, 31 August 2018, 10:35

Aug.31 (GMM) McLaren has cobbled together a ‘new’ chassis for Fernando Alonso to race this weekend at Monza.

Just days ago at Spa, the Spaniard’s car climbed over the back of Charles Leclerc’s Sauber, highlighting the role of the controversial Halo device.

Alonso said at Monza that the chassis was “destroyed” in the crash.

“It was not only the chassis but the floor, the wings. We do not have enough spare parts for the new version of the car,” he revealed.

“The chassis that I will get this weekend I already used in the winter tests and the first races of the season,” said Alonso.

Apart from the car, Alonso also admitted that his body got a bit bashed up in the crash with Leclerc.

“My wrist was sore as I didn’t manage to remove my hands from the steering wheel,” he admitted. “Every day it hurts less. When I woke up on Tuesday, my back ached a bit but yesterday and today everything was fine.”

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