Alonso is F1’s fastest driver – enquiry

Thu, 28 December 2006, 09:30

Fernando Alonso is the fastest driver in the current F1 field and the eighth quickest of all time, according to a survey.

As reported by the Spanish publication ‘As’, the British specialist magazine F1 Racing staged an enquiry to find the sport’s fastest fifty racers.

As well as asking experts including Max Mosley, Jean Todt, Keke Rosberg and Eddie Jordan, the magazine compared drivers’ statistics relating to their teammates in F1.

It was found that 67 per cent of the time, back to back champion Alonso – the youngest driver on the top-50 list – outpaced his teammate.

Ayrton Senna topped the magazine’s findings, with Michael Schumacher in second place. Alongside Alonso, only four other current drivers got a mention: Kimi Raikkonen (13th), Jarno Trulli (42nd), Mark Webber (43rd) and Jenson Button (49th).

Alonso also placed higher than names including Gilles Villeneuve (11th), Alain Prost (14th) and Niki Lauda (18th), but behind Juan Manuel Fangio (6th) and Mika Hakkinen (7th).


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