Alonso is next Schumi – Briatore

Sat, 19 November 2005, 03:54

Renault boss Flavio Briatore is confident that Alonso has everything it takes to be the next Schumi. The Italian guided the seven-time world champion to his first title at Benetton and has now watched Alonso do likewise.

“There is a great chance for Fernando to become a new Schumacher, and perhaps surpass him one day,” said Briatore. “But it is easier to become champion than to stay champion and helping Fernando to do that is our challenge.” Alonso is also remaining cautious about his chances ahead of the new season which opens in Bahrain on 12 March.

The 24-year-old Spaniard has already joined Schumacher in the history books as the youngest F1 champion and the first to come from Spain. But despite finally fulfilling his potential in record-breaking style, the Spaniard insists he still has a lot to learn next season. “I am always learning, as soon as I get in the car,” said Alonso. “Tyres, chassis, engine, there’s always something to learn and analyse. “We all start on a level playing field. I hope we can make a perfect preparation, and maybe do it again. “There is only one secret – working very, very hard.”

Source BBC

Ketan Paul

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