Alonso most likely to ‘lose nerve’ – pundits

Wed, 17 October 2007, 01:45

If Sunday’s championship decider ends with a Senna-Prost style collision, the culprit will be Fernando Alonso.

That is the belief of former German grand prix driver and now travelling commentator Hans-Joachim Stuck, who questions the Spaniard’s calm under fire.

“If one of the three candidates loses his nerve, it will be Alonso,” he told the German newspaper Bild-Zeitung.

“He has shown it before — when the going gets tough, he is not under control. Hamilton would do well to stay away from him on the track.”

Triple world champion Sir Jackie Stewart accuses the 26-year-old not of driving poorly in 2007, but of not knowing how to respond correctly when he is beaten by his rookie British teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Former Jaguar driver Johnny Herbert told the Sun that Alonso has behaved “like a kid” this year.

“(Alonso’s) human skills haven’t been good enough out of the car,” Stewart told the British newspaper Daily Telegraph.

“I’ve been disappointed by his response to Lewis, by the things that have been allowed to happen under his personal direction. He has allowed Lewis to get under his skin,” the Scot, who is not attending the Interlagos race this weekend, added.

Another three time title winner, Niki Lauda, says Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen could be the lucky beneficiary of Senna-Prost style collisions over at McLaren.

“In a way it is the simplest for him,” the Austrian legend said ahead of the last race of the season.

“He only needs to win the race and hope that the others screw it up.”

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