Alonso not complaining amid Pirelli tyre shakeup

Tue, 16 July 2013, 08:35

Jul.16 (GMM) Fernando Alonso has refused to criticise the sequence of mid-season changes to the construction of Pirelli’s 2013 tyres.

Before Silverstone, F1’s Italian supplier wanted to drop its steel-belted construction in favour if a kevlar one, following a spate of delaminations.

Some teams, however, vetoed the move, but kevlar rear tyres were ultimately introduced at the Nurburgring, in the wake of the tyre-exploding British grand prix.

And Pirelli has scheduled yet another construction change for Hungary and beyond, when the 2012 construction will be mated to this year’s softer compounds.

Spaniard Alonso is refusing to be too critical.

“Pirelli has had a difficult situation this year, being unable to test the tyres,” he is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace.

“Pirelli has been leaping from one to the other side, but in the end it’s the same for everyone and we cannot complain,” Alonso insisted.

“It is you (the individual teams and drivers) who has to adapt.

“We adapted well to the first tyres and not so well to the last ones, and now it is unknown who will adapt best to the tyres we will have in Hungary.

“But it’s a problem for every team,” the Ferrari driver added.

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