Alonso on cruise to second crown – press

Tue, 30 May 2006, 06:59

With the Monte Carlo win in the bag, Fernando Alonso can cruise to his second world championship triumph, according to the world’s press.

After Michael Schumacher’s Rascasse moment limited the German to just fifth place in the Principality, Alonso’s points lead over the Ferrari driver is now a near-insurmountable 21 points.

That is, should Schumacher win the remaining eleven grands prix in 2006 with Renault’s Alonso second, he would only take the championship lead at the last event in Brazil.

La Gazzetta dello Sport in Italy asked: ”Who can stop Alonso and Renault?”

”The road to his second world title appears smooth,” added ‘Corriere dello Sport’ newspaper.

Even the man himself agrees that everything is falling into place so far.

Alonso admitted: ”If I keep going like this in the next six or seven races then the championship will probably look very good.

”We’re building a nice gap, hopefully we can increase it even more and have it easy at the end.”

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