Alonso piles pressure on Schu

Thu, 28 September 2006, 04:30

Fernando Alonso has stepped up the psychological struggle as his championship duel with Ferrari’s Michael Schumacher reaches its apex.

With three races to go, the Spaniard’s advantage dwindled to just two points after a qualifying penalty and engine failure at Monza.

But Alonso, 25, is quoted on Thursday as saying to La Gazzetta dello Sport that the real pressure is on Schumacher, who after the season finale in Brazil next month will retire.

”This is his last chance to win another title but I have many other years in which to do it.

”All of the pressure is on him.”

Alonso also insists that the F1 championship will still have the ‘same value’ after Schumacher calls it a day.

But he did admit: ”Nobody will ever beat Michael’s records because having a competitive car for so long is rare.”

Alonso won the Chinese grand prix last year.


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