Alonso returns fire after Hamilton jibe

Fri, 1 February 2008, 12:28

Fernando Alonso has finally returned fire at his former McLaren teammate Lewis Hamilton.

The former double world champion, who left the British team after a tumultuous single season alongside rookie Hamilton in 2007, made clear to English-speaking media on Thursday that he would not be talking about those shattered relationships.

“I am convinced it is better not to say anything,” Alonso, 26, said at the launch of Renault’s new car outside French capital Paris.

But later, in a short interview with the Spanish broadcaster Telecinco, the Spaniard’s patience expired when even his native media wanted to talk at length about Hamilton.

Asked what his response was to the British rookie’s recent claim that he is an example of “how not to behave” as a F1 driver, Alonso said: “I don’t think this is worth an answer.

“In my view the less that is talked about it the better, otherwise we are always talking about someone who, for the moment, has not done anything (in F1),” the 26-year-old added.

Alonso also made it clear that he is doubtful that McLaren can win the title in 2008, and expressed relief that he broke his multiple-year contract after just 18 races with the British team.

Asked who has the biggest chances of the 2008 title following recent pre-season tests, he replied: “Ferrari, for sure.”

Telecinco also asked Alonso to select one of four descriptions to explain his current demeanour: a child with a new toy, a liberated prisoner, a dethroned king or a runner wearing lead shoes.

He replied: “A prisoner who has been released.”

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