Alonso slams Schu

Mon, 29 May 2006, 08:43

Fernando Alonso has finally uncorked his mouth to reveal his true feelings about Michael Schumacher’s Rascasse-moment.

The Spaniard, after having his pole-potential flying lap thwarted by Schumacher’s parked Ferrari at Monaco, was reportedly told by his Renault team to zip his lip.

”Say nothing,” a Renault press coordinator was heard to tell the 24-year-old after qualifying on Saturday, ”and we’ll sort it out behind the scenes.”

Even after the race, which was won by Alonso given Schumacher’s qualifying exclusion, the reigning world champion kept his vow of silence.

”I don’t want to say anything,” he said on Sunday.

With a new day dawned, however, Alonso commented to Germany’s ‘Bild’ newspaper: ”I think Michael’s penalty should have been even harder.

”I do not understand his behaviour. It was even discussed in the driver meeting on Thursday that we should be fair to each other.”

Through it all, though, Schumacher has been able to count on the stalwart support of one notable figure — Toro Rosso co-owner Gerhard Berger.

”Michael showed us his class again,” the Austrian, Schumacher’s wheel-to-wheel rival until he retired in 1997, said at Monaco on Sunday.

”(Felipe) Massa didn’t do a bad job from the back of the grid, but Michael was simply sensational.

”He is going to find it tough to catch up to Alonso, but you never know. The championship is long.”

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