Alonso still thinks F1 not a sport

Mon, 19 February 2007, 02:33

Fernando Alonso has refused to steer away from his claim last year that formula one is not a sport.

The reigning world champion, who then went on to secure a successive drivers’ crown, denounced the sport at Monza last season after stewards gave him a controversial penalty for allegedly blocking Felipe Massa.

“Formula one is business and glamour,” an excerpt from an interview with ‘Focus’ now quotes Alonso as saying.

He added: “In the way that I define ‘sport’, I don’t see that you can say that this is F1.

“Whoever disagrees with me is not opening their eyes.”

Alonso apparently dismissed suggestions that, as the world champion, he has a responsibility to deliver a better image of formula one to the fans.

“In that way, all the drivers are equal,” the Spaniard claimed. “If for example David Coulthard talks about safety, his views carry the same weight as mine or any other drivers’.”


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