Alonso’s dad won’t shake my hand says Hamilton Snr

Sun, 30 September 2007, 01:31

Lewis Hamilton’s father says Fernando Alonso’s dad “has a problem” with him.

At the height of the McLaren teammates’ dizzying rift, Hamilton Snr said he has tried three times to shake the hand of Jose Luis Alonso.

“You know me — I get on with everybody,” Anthony on Sunday told the Australian broadcaster Ten at Fuji Speedway.

“You need to ask Fernando’s dad that question — how does he get along with me?

“He won’t shake my hand for some reason. I’ve offered my hand to him on many occasions and he always turns me down. At least three times.

“No explanation, no discussion. Even when his lad wins.

“If he’s got an issue with me, I’ve got no idea what it is, other than maybe (the fact that) my son’s leading the world championship.”

Lewis’ father says he has tried to stay out of the internal politics at McLaren in 2007, but expressed concern about the obvious rift between the two sides of the garage.

Asked jokingly about the ‘happy family’ at the Woking team this year, Anthony laughed: “You’ve been reading some kind of funny book!

“Obviously that would be a dream — that’s the way it’s supposed to me, but it’s not quite how it is. But we’re open to it.”

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