Authorities seize Mazepin’s EUR 100m property

Wed, 13 April 2022, 10:00

Apr.13 (GMM) Axed F1 driver Nikita Mazepin and his father Dmitry have had a EUR 100 million property seized by Italian authorities.

Having claimed he is the victim of “cancel culture” over the Russia-Ukraine war, 23-year-old Mazepin has reportedly had financial assets seized.

The headline asset, owned by the pair via an investment company, is a sprawling property called Rocky Ram located on the beautiful and rocky Sardinian coast.

“Following verifications on subjects that are part of the current European Union sanctions list, an impounding order was served on Dmitry Mazepin and his son Nikita Mazepin, a driver with the Formula 1 team Haas until March 5,” the authorities confirmed.

Mazepin senior, who met with Vladimir Putin on the day of the start of the Ukraine invasion, was earlier named by the EU as part of the “closest circle of Putin”.

Nikita Mazepin was described as a “person associated with a leading businessperson involved in economic sectors providing a substantial source of revenue to the government of the Russian Federation”.

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