Bahrain told to stop ripping off F1

Thu, 16 November 2006, 10:29

Bahrain grand prix boss Martin Whitaker has urged local hotels to stop ‘ripping off’ visitors of the annual Formula One race.

Since the Gulf island hosted the pinnacle of motor sport, hotel prices have been hiked for the duration of the event by up to 300 per cent for a three-star room.

The average price of a hotel room in 2006 was more than $300 per night.

“I think in a sense we have to be very careful we don’t cut off our noses to spite our face,” the Sakhir-located circuit’s general manager, Whitaker, said during a speech at a lunch this week.

He said that with more than two thousand rooms needing to be reserved for F1’s travelling personnel, the hotel shortage in Bahrain had given businesses the opportunity to raise prices.

But Whitaker said: “I want to make sure that people leave here without feeling they had been ripped off.”


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