Barcelona boss doubts alternation deal close

Fri, 10 May 2013, 09:35

May 10 (GMM) Barcelona’s F1 circuit chief has played down reports a deal whereby the city and Valencia will alternate the annual hosting of the Spanish grand prix is now close.

After Catalunya president Artur Mas said recently that “If Valencia can host the grand prix in 2014, there will be the alternation”, it was reported that the contract details could be finalised this weekend.

But Barcelona’s track boss Salvador Servia thinks that sort of deal would be “a mistake”.

He also told local Rac1 radio that he thinks rushing to a deal this weekend is not possible.

“These contracts are 200 pages and, if we must change, it should be thorough,” said Servia.

“For now, we have not received any notification,” he said, adding that he thinks many race sponsors “would disagree” with the alternation plans.

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