Barcelona must try to keep Spain GP – minister

Sun, 30 June 2019, 08:35

Jun.30 (GMM) Catalunya sport minister Gerard Figueras says he has “good feelings” about Barcelona’s talks to keep the Spanish grand prix.

But he also told EFE news agency that it would “not be a drama” if Liberty Media follows through and axes the race to make room for Zandvoort and Vietnam.

“There is activity 360 days a year because it is very well positioned at the international level,” said Figueras.

But as for F1, he said: “The amount that can be paid by Catalonia has nothing to do with what can be paid by any of the Arab countries.

“Still, the teams want to come. And when you talk to any department, they tell you that Formula 1 is one of the events that generates the economy,” added Figueras.

“So as a government, we have to do everything possible not to lose it.”

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