Barrichello takes credit for Williams surge

Fri, 20 April 2012, 07:35

Apr.20 (GMM) Rubens Barrichello has revealed he feels partly responsible for Williams’ surge in form so far in 2012.

For the veteran Brazilian’s final season in F1 last year, the famous British team had its worst performance, scoring just 5 points and slumping to ninth in the constructors’ standings.

But already in 2012, just three races into the new season and with Barrichello’s departure one of many changes, drivers Bruno Senna and Pastor Maldonado have already scored 18 points.

“When I turn on the TV and see formula one and I’m not there, it is a very strange feeling,” he is quoted by Brazil’s Globo.

“But I’m not feeling it as a loss,” said Barrichello, who has moved to Indycar.

“Williams is doing very well and they deserve to be ahead. But I have no doubt, as well, that with a little more experience in that group, their cars would be even further forwards.

“All the work carried out for this (2012) car is a result of what we fought hard for last year,” Barrichello insisted.

“Bruno is already reaping a lot from being with an engineer who was mine, as I was an experienced driver who likes the technical side and we exchanged a lot of information.

“For Bruno’s future it is very good,” insisted the winner of 11 grands prix.

Barrichello also hailed F1’s newest winner, Nico Rosberg, who like the Brazilian toiled in the sport for years before breaking through with his first victory.

“Nico is one of those great talents who takes a long time to win a race,” said Barrichello.

“You know in your head what you could do in another situation, but anyway the lack of a win does become a mental setback.

“Afterwards you don’t improve as a driver, but it does take an elephant off your back,” he laughed.

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