Barrichello would consider F1 comeback ‘invitation’

Thu, 23 August 2012, 08:35

Aug.23 (GMM) Rubens Barrichello has once again refused to rule out returning to formula one.

The Brazilian, who with almost 330 grand prix weekends in his pocket is the sport’s longest serving driver of all time, told a German magazine last week he can still imagine “a way back” to the grid.

Barrichello, who at 40 is three years younger than Michael Schumacher, switched to the US-based Indycar series for 2012.

“My problems have been with the tracks than are much bumpier than the ones in Europe,” he is quoted as saying in Taubate, Brazil, where he gave a motivational speech.

“I am not criticising, but saying that the problem is just part of my adaption. The car is also totally different to the 19 that I drove in my life in formula one.”

Barrichello said racing remains his chosen method of “expression”.

“Formula one ended too early for me. I am the driver with the most experience, but I thought that it would last longer.

“Some people have tried to bury me, but actually it’s not my time yet,” he insisted.

For Barrichello, the excitement and competitiveness of F1’s 2012 season has made his forced retirement even tougher.

He said he would “love” to still be there.

“My whole life has been an open book,” he revealed. “As much as I am focused on Indy, if there is an invitation from formula one, I will think about it.

“You have got to take your offers, select the best three and make a decision,” said Barrichello.

Finally, Barrichello moved to settle the argument about who is the greatest F1 driver of all time.

“I have no doubts about that: Ayrton Senna,” he said, before smiling: “Or maybe you were hoping I would say Schumacher?”

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