Bernie vows to change F1’s points system

Mon, 12 March 2007, 10:07

Bernie Ecclestone has vowed to push for a change to F1’s current points system.

A report in the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport says the F1 supremo dislikes the current system because it does not sufficiently reward the winner of each grand prix.

“With second place getting eight points it is not right that the winner takes only ten,” the 76-year-old, Ecclestone, is quoted as telling an English newspaper.

He said: “For 2008 I will propose a change.”

The points gap between first and second places was widened after 2002, when Michael Schumacher’s dominance led to the championship being decided early in the season.

But Bernie said the side-effect of narrowing the points deficit is that drivers running in second place might not be sufficiently motivated to push for the actual win.

He also suggested that each year’s world champion could be decided not on points, but by his number of wins.

“It would be simple,” Ecclestone said, explaining that the constructors’ title would still be decided based on points.

But for the drivers’, “the guy who wins more should be champion”, Bernie added.

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