Bernie was source of FIA tip-off says Mosley

Wed, 26 September 2007, 12:16

Bernie Ecclestone was the source of the tip-off about “compromising” emails that reopened the espionage saga and led to McLaren’s FIA sanctions, Max Mosley has confirmed.

Ron Dennis initially claimed that he first alerted the FIA president to the existence of the electronic exchanges between Pedro de la Rosa and Fernando Alonso.

But it emerged in the September 13 hearings in Paris that Ecclestone, F1’s chief executive, may actually have alerted Mosley first.

Ferrari’s lawyer Nigel Tozzi told the World Motor Sport Council that a disgruntled Alonso had “shown the documents to Mr Ecclestone”.

Referring to Ecclestone, Mosley told La Gazzetta dello Sport on Tuesday: “Yes, he spoke to me about them and told me they were compromising.

“I don’t know who gave them to him, but I have a suspicion.”

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