Binotto ‘pessimistic’ about Red Bull saga outcome

Sun, 9 October 2022, 06:00

Oct.9 (GMM) Mattia Binotto says he’s “pessimistic” about the outcome of the Red Bull budget cap saga.

Like Mercedes and many other teams, the Ferrari team boss has called for hefty penalties if the energy drink-owned outfit is found to have breached the 2021 spending limit.

However, the FIA this week delayed the release of all the teams’ so-called ‘compliance certificates’ until the Monday after the Japanese GP.

“If there is an ongoing discussion, we see that there are some unclear points,” Binotto, who is not in Japan, told Italian media.

“In the end I think that something will come out, but we will have to see what. Personally I’m a bit pessimistic about the verdict of the federation.”

Indeed, while many are calling for draconian penalties like full disqualification from the 2021 standings and ongoing sanctions beyond that, also possible is that the FIA will find a smoother path forwards.

“The FIA is contesting, the team is defending,” Binotto surmised.

“The important thing is that if something has been granted to them that it is transparent, so that everyone can understand the regulations well but also because it was a direct advantage.

“There is no need to change the regulations, even if it was the first year. They were clear from the beginning and were always discussed with constant exchanges with the FIA.

“Clarity and transparency will be important but it could all melt like snow in the sun,” said the Italian.

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