BMW ‘copy’ McLaren innovation – newspaper

Thu, 1 March 2007, 01:49

In a newspaper article, Europe’s widely read Bild-Zeitung has accused BMW-Sauber of ‘copying’ an aerodynamic innovation that first appeared on McLaren-Mercedes’ F1 car.

Publishing photos taken at the Bahrain test of the two 2007-specification cars, the newspaper referred to bullhorn-like appendages behind the driver on either side of each cars’ engine cover.

The ‘horns’ originally appeared on the McLaren two years ago.

Bild pointed out the fact that in the five days of Bahrain testing so far, no driver has beaten a lap time posted by Heidfeld in the impressive but unreliable ‘F1.07’ model.

BMW-Sauber’s technical director Willy Rampf is quoted as saying that it is “normal” in formula one for innovations to become widely used.


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