BMW ‘fancy chances’ for Canada – Theissen

Tue, 22 May 2007, 06:45

BMW-Sauber’s Mario Theissen is already looking ahead to the upcoming Canadian grand prix.

The F1 calendar’s next stop is at Monte Carlo, but the German team principal suggested that expectations are a bit low for the famous street circuit.

“We’re heading now for the extremely slow race in Monaco,” Theissen told the Credit Suisse e-magazine.

He added: “After that comes the very fast one in Montreal, and we fancy our chances there.”

Theissen, though, said it was “certain” that BMW-Sauber would remain the third force for the foreseeable future in 2007.

He also enthused about McLaren’s impressive rookie and the youngest ever drivers’ championship leader, Lewis Hamilton.

“That’s really quite something,” said Theissen.

He said: “You do of course need a bit of luck, because the four drivers fighting at the top are all producing a similar standard of driving.

“But the fact that he’s up there as a newcomer is remarkable.”

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