BMW’s is quickest F1 car in 2007 – analysis

Tue, 20 February 2007, 04:44

BMW momentarily possesses the best formula one car for the 2007 season, according to reports.

An article of the Swiss newspaper Blick claims that, after analysing the ‘long runs’ of all the front-running teams in winter testing, BMW-Sauber’s new ‘F1.07’ is actually quicker than McLaren, Ferrari and Renault.

Dispensing with the misleading end-of-day time sheets which often highlight low-fuel and new-tyre fliers, Blick said the analysis only took into consideration lap times logged during runs of 12 laps or more.

The newspaper said the Hinwil-built BMW is currently two tenths on average quicker than the new McLaren, and up to half a second faster than Ferrari’s ‘F2007’ model.

Next on the analysis are Renault, Williams, Toyota, Red Bull and Honda.

Blick wondered: “Is the team from Hinwil and Munich going to seize the title two years earlier than they planned?”


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