‘Boredom’ no reason to change F1 rules – Steiner

Wed, 12 April 2023, 10:00

Apr.12 (GMM) Gunther Steiner says Formula 1 must resist the temptation to react to Red Bull’s dominance by changing the rules.

The new-in-2022 aerodynamic regulations were introduced in a bid to close up the field and produce better racing – but a spanner in the works at present is how far ahead Red Bull is.

There are rumblings about the need for F1 to react to that dominance with regulations tweaks, but Haas boss Steiner says that would be wrong.

“The sporting aspect is the most important thing to safeguard,” he told motorsport-total.com. “And I am confident that the others will catch up with Red Bull sooner or later anyway.

“I don’t think they will have the same margin in the next 20 races,” Steiner added.

“Everyone works hard and we must never forget that Red Bull received a penalty last year, the which will oblige them to have fewer hours of development in the wind tunnel, so theoretically they can’t progress that much.

“Everyone will catch up, try to understand what Red Bull’s advantage is and then copy it or do something similar,” he predicted.

And so, Steiner said “boredom” is simply not an acceptable reason for changing the rules in order to slow Red Bull down.

“Red Bull did a fantastic job,” he insisted, “and it’s not like they should be penalised for this. They just do a better job than the others.

“So it’s right for them to stay in front without the need for regulatory interference. It’s not right to intervene just because someone is faster.”

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