Bottas ‘nervous’ before 130km cycling race

Mon, 2 October 2023, 09:00

Oct.2 (GMM) Valtteri Bottas admits he was “more nervous” at the start of an amateur race on Sunday than he is as the five lights go out in Formula 1.

Since beginning to date professional Australian cyclist Tiffany Cromwell, the Finnish F1 driver has stepped up his own passion for two wheels.

He now occasionally even enters cycling races, but none have been as serious as the 130 kilometre European gravel championships in Belgium on Sunday.

“I am here thanks to my girlfriend,” the Alfa Romeo driver told Sporza news agency.

“Because of her, I am very passionate about racing and gravel biking in particular. It has become an addiction,” 34-year-old Bottas added.

“I am more nervous now than at an F1 race,” he smiled before the race began. “Because this is less routine. She starts 3 minutes before me. Maybe we can ride together.

“I’m here to get a ticket for the world cup in my age group,” Bottas said.

It is believed, however, that Bottas did not qualify, as he finished only 187th in his age group.

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