Bottas under fire for promoting nicotine product

Tue, 20 February 2024, 08:00

Feb.20 (GMM) Valtteri Bottas is under fire in Finland for his low-profile endorsement of a nicotine product.

The Finn ditched his clean-cut image when he left Mercedes, now sporting a moustache and ‘mullet’ hairstyle with an active and innovative social media presence and multiple commercial interests.

One of his latest commercial deals appears to be in collaboration with the Polish nicotine company Luna Corporate. And whilst Bottas’ actual name does not feature on the ’77 Pouches’ brand, a clear silhouette of his face on the flavoured nicotine pouch line of products is obvious.

“Bottas has not confirmed that he has agreed to be the advertising face of 77,” the Finnish newspaper Ilta Sanomat clarifies.

“His manager has not responded to requests for comment in the past days.”

Iltalehti newspaper, meanwhile, reports that the nicotine content of the strongest ’77’ product is 20 grams – an amount that is prohibited under Finnish legislation.

“It is unfortunate if Valtteri Bottas knowingly advertises a harmful and highly addictive product,” the Finnish national public health and tobacco policy expert organisation ASH declared.

Iltalehti claims it was able to get in touch with Bottas’ sponsorship manager Ville Ahtiainen, who denied any knowledge of the Sauber driver’s partnership with 77 Pouches.

“Ahtiainen promised to look into the matter, but did not respond to subsequent contact requests,” the newspaper added.

The report also claims Bottas could be seen with a circular nicotine pouch tin in his pocket in an instagram post late last year.

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