Brawn admits rival team talks likely

Thu, 2 August 2007, 01:02

Despite distancing himself from alleged saboteur, spy and foiled defector Nigel Stepney, former Ferrari technical director Ross Brawn has refused to categorically rule out switching to a rival team.

The Briton, who was a friend, colleague and close ally of Stepney’s throughout the ultra-successful Michael Schumacher period, on Wednesday contradicted Stepney’s claim that he intended to lead a disaffected ‘breakaway’ group who wanted to take their talents elsewhere in formula one.

But while confirming that exclusive talks about a new role at Ferrari are presently taking place, Brawn said he will not rule out subsequently discussing his future with other teams.

“Ferrari is the only project I’m discussing at the moment,” he is quoted as saying by the Daily Telegraph.

As was Stepney and suspended McLaren chief designer Mike Coughlan, Brawn has been linked strongly with a move to Honda, with the Japanese team’s boss admitting in April that he is an “incredibly talented person” who “would be an asset” to any team.

Brawn said on Thursday: “I haven’t discussed anything with any other team at any point in the past.

“Discussions with Ferrari are ongoing. I will not be exploring other options until those negotiations are completed, successfully or otherwise.”

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