Briatore attacks Dennis, Toyota

Sun, 24 September 2006, 03:58

Renault boss Flavio Briatore has launched an attack on McLaren and other formula one rivals by accusing them of not focusing on winning races or improving the sport.

While urging his colleagues to think about spicing up the spectacle and obsessing less about hidden technology, the Italian singled out fellow team principal Ron Dennis, and Japanese giant Toyota, as money wasters.

”Why do these teams build such enormous and expensive motor homes?” Briatore, 56, told British magazine F1 Racing.

”We don’t and Ferrari don’t (because) TV viewers never see them.

”I also don’t understand Ron’s new (McLaren) factory. What good did it do his team? The bigger the factory, the less efficient it is.”

He then revealed that, despite recently dumping the British engineer, Toyota multiplied Mike Gascoyne’s $760,000 Renault salary by a factor of ten when the giant carmaker poached him.

Briatore, however, did offer a solution or two to what he sees as F1’s problems, as he proposed reverse grids and grands prix held at night.

He asked: ”Why always (start the race at) 2pm? It’s a stupid time — to watch a grand prix you have to fuck up your whole Sunday.”


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