Bridgestone rejects claims of unfair play

Thu, 14 December 2006, 08:52

Bridgestone has reacted stridently to reports that F1’s sole tyre supplier is not treating all teams equally.

It is suggested that while at least one team – presumably Ferrari 0 is receiving a free supply of tyres for the 2007 season, others are having to pay the Tokyo-based company up to $5 million for the privilege.

The issue was discussed at the recent team principals’ meeting in Monaco.

A Bridgestone spokesperson said: “Details of Bridgestone’s contracts with its teams are confidential.

“In 2007, as the single tyre supplier present in F1, (Bridgestone) will supply tyres according to the rules laid out by the FIA.”

It is understood that the existing rules for 2007, which still allow competition despite the absence of tyre rival Michelin or another brand, permit Bridgestone to adopt unique commercial arrangements with its teams.

Only in 2008 will Bridgestone’s official role as supplier of free tyres to F1 teams begin.

Bridgestone added: “As the official tyre supplier to the world championship between 2008 and 2010, Bridgestone will also comply with the terms of its tender for that period with the rules laid out by the FIA.”


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