Bridgestone ‘still assessing’ new ’07 rule

Tue, 13 March 2007, 11:09

F1 supplier Bridgestone has not yet decided how it will make the two specifications of tyres ‘visibly distinguishable’ to comply with the FIA’s eleventh-hour rule change for 2007.

Mere days ahead of the season opening Australian grand prix, a spokeswoman for the Japanese company said Bridgestone is “still assessing the best method for marking the tyres”.

The most likely scenario, we understand, is that the softer of the two options will be marked on the outside tyre wall with white or red colouration.

Head of Bridgestone’s Track Engineering Operations Kees van de Grint, meanwhile, welcomed the rule.

“This will add to the work of Bridgestone’s tyre fitting staff,” he said, “but we anticipate dealing with this swiftly and efficiently.

“Although introduced at very short notice, Bridgestone welcomes (the rule) as it will now enable the media and public to further understand the strategies employed by the various teams and therefore potentially increase their enjoyment of each race,” van de Grint added.

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